Other Products
Scalable Multi-rate speech and video coders
Spatial audio/source separation algorithms
Content adaptation algorithms
Video transcoding algorithms
Speaker identification and verification algorithms
Various wireless channel models including UMTS and WIMAX
Wireless channel simulators
Channel error control Forward Error Correction (FEC) algorithms
Our Products include
Our area of expertise covers various signal processing building blocks of both fixed wired and wireless communication systems for high quality 2D and 3D content delivery.

Secure GSM and 3G end-to-end communication platform using the voice channel which is offered as software or hardware package.

Hardware solutions include secure GSM phone or secure blue-tooth devices.

Our coder products range from Low bit rate speech codecs (down to 1.2kb/s) to various standard compliant and proprietary speech and video codecs.

Noise and echo cancellation software etc.

Spatial audio processing algorithms for Blind Source Separation (BSS) and Spatial Audio Coding based on Analysis by Synthesis (SAC-ABS) approach.

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