MulSys provides signal processing and communication expertise to match the customers' specific requirements.
Other Expertise
Adaptive electrical and acoustic echo cancellation. Single microphone noise cancellation. Multiple microphones sound detection and filtering. Multiple descriptions coding and packing for VoIP packet loss resilience.
Specialisation in multimedia signal processing and communication systems
Mulsys is a small highly specialised spin-off company from the I-Lab Multimedia Communication Research, University of Surrey. Mulsys has a team of experts which are all highly trained in multimedia signal processing and communication systems.
Leading-edge technology developer in secure GSM/3G voice and data communication.

Unlike all other secure wireless phones MulSys secure wireless communication technology uses the GSM and 3G voice channels to tunnel secure voice and data. As a result it has no roaming, delay and connectivity problems and it works where there is no data service is available and does not require data subscription.

MulSys secure phone and Bluetooth also work in a non secure mode with standard GSM service quality. Security function can be enabled or disabled by the user. The security function is set-up within 8 seconds after the selection by the users.
Coding and compression
Software speech and video coder solutions are provided based on customer specification.

Our expertise covers many speech and video coding standards.

In house addition of error resilience tools for mobile channels.

Block and convolutional codes design and implementation to suit specific speech and video coders for various channel conditions.
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